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Body Count Re-Releases The 2017 Track “No Lives Matter”, Ice-T Explains Why

Last night, July 29th, Ice-T was a guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote his new movie “Equal Standard”. During the interview Jimmy brought up that Body Count has just re-released their 2017 single “No Lives Matter” and asked what was behind the re-release.

Ice-T said, “If people have followed me, my whole career, it’s always been anti-racism, trying to explain you the complications of living in and growing up in the hood, in the community — just me kind of walking you through someone else’s life, so you can see it from their perspective. ‘Cause I believe most of this stuff is perspective — it’s easy to hate something that you don’t truly understand how they see it. 

“I did the song ‘No Lives Matter’, and in ‘No Lives Matter’ I break down the fact that even though racism is a problem, I believe it’s a lot more to do with class too at the same time,” he continued. 

“Let’s say ‘Law & Order’, we’ll say something like, ‘They’re from the Upper East Side, so tread lightly.’ What we’re really saying is they have money and they can fight us. So if you go in the hood, treat ’em any kind of way because they can’t fight back. 

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“If somebody pulls you over, Jimmy, they know who you are, they know you could cause issues and problems. They’re gonna treat you a little different than somebody who doesn’t have a dime and they know that there’ll be no repercussions. 

“So in the song ‘No Lives Matter’, I say it doesn’t matter what color you are — black, brown, red, poor whites that they call ‘trash’ — when it comes to the poor, nobody’s important; no lives matter. 

“So we thought we would put it back out, because people wanted something that was dealing with the times. And it’s a very important song.”

You can see the full interview with Ice-T down below.

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