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Bad Wolves Vocalist Tommy Vext Says He Has Been Exonerated For Domestic Abuse Allegations

Vocalist for Bad Wolves, Tommy Vext had allegations brought up against him regarding domestic abuse from his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. 

Vext had previously said that these allegations were “fake news” and eluded to being a victim of “cancel culture”. After a week long virtual hearing, Johns was granted a 2 year extension on her restraining order.

Vext has now taken to Instagram to advise everyone that he has been publicly exonerated.


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“Sitting here in quarantine the last few days of this Covid bullshit and the irony of hindsight being 2020 is not lost on me.

“This year has been the most insane roller coaster of seemingly endless nonsense and fuckery I have ever experienced. I had to cut a lot of toxic people out of my life this year. I waved my flag and said who I was and in the end it will have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I have to look at it like this, if I was a slave on a plantation would I pay all I had to be free? Well the answer is yes.

“So although once again 2020 delivered the disappointing blow of injustice, at least The Honorable judge Joshua D Wayser was kind enough to publicly exonerated me in his ruling of any physical abuse accusations made by someone with a personal vendetta. There were no criminal charges filed against me. None.

I lost a civil case because I refused to keep my mouth shut as the press attempted to assassinate everything I had built over the past twenty years. Press who never had an issue with me before I proudly stood up as a patriot this year.

“But a miracle also happened. After clearing out space in my life, I found someone whole. Someone strong, with integrity and honesty. Someone who built an empire with their mind. An equal partner. Sounds like a fair trade to me. God has a funny sense of humor, so does she. 

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