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Bad Wolves On Tommy Vext: “This Is Not About Cancel Culture”

“Really, I do not care who you support, where you come from, it’s about the music. Ultimately, that’s the thing that matters”, guitarist Doc Coyle said while addressing fans on Instagram Live.

Bad Wolves drummer John Boecklin and guitarist Doc Coyle went live from their Instagram account tonight to address the controversy surrounding their frontman Tommy Vext’s departure. Over the weekend, Bad Wolves announced that they had parted ways with Vext.

As a result of Vext’s departure, some fans have taken to Bad Wolves’ social media accounts to voice displeasure with the lineup change. One repetitive theme in the comments is that Vext is no longer in the band due to a political dispute with other band members. Doc Coyle has previously publicly disagreed with some of Vext’s views, while also stating that this did not mean they couldn’t remain friends or bandmates.

After numerous fans voiced displeasure in the comments of Bad Wolves’ Instagram post announcing their frontman’s departure, Vext shared a message asking his fans not to bully his former bandmates.

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Drummer John Boecklin shared his thoughts on the lineup change: “It’s sad to say that we had to part ways, ‘or he left,’ or ‘he was fired,’ or whatever. Just fuck all that shit. It’s something that had to take its course like this and was kind of just past the point of going back. We understand where any fan would come from, being like, ‘well, what’s this band without Tommy.’

“We’re gonna write the sickest fuckin’ record that we’ve ever done with a new guy, and you can take it or leave it, not as a threat. It’s just, we’re here to do business as usual.

Later in the video, Boecklin added: “Is this about politics? Is this about this and that? What we would like to say is this is not about cancel culture in what has transpired internally within the band.”

Coyle added: “We live in very divisive times right now where everything is turning friend against friend, or family member against a family member. To me, music, heavy metal and rock and roll, hardcore, punk, was about overcoming our differences. It’s like you go to a Metallica show. There is it all about what political party you’re from? Or… is it about all of us singing Creeping Death?

“The whole point of it is we really want to put forth a more inclusive idea. Really, I do not care who you support; where you come from, it’s about the music. Ultimately, that’s the thing that matters. I have family members that disagree with me and certain friends; it’s like, dude, that’s not the most important thing to me.”

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You can see the full video from the band here:

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