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Are Deftones Teasing Their New Album?

The Deftones announced earlier this summer that they had finished recording their new album and were eyeing a potential September release. Now their website and social media pages have gone dark.

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If you do go to and sign up for their fan mail, you will be greeted with an image that appears to be a partial city black out or maybe a Lite-Brite. As originally reported by, if you read the source code of the site it says “Album Artwork Release Page” and “Deftones:Email for Album Teaser:Landing”.

If you look at the web address, it reads ‘’ leaving many fans thinking that September 25th, 2020 will be the album release date. Which would also make sense, because that is a Friday, which is the day of the week that most new music comes out on.

Are you ready for some new Deftones? I know we are!

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